Dog walking

Does your canine buddy get the exercise he deserves? Unfortunately most don't. Working and caring for your dog can prove difficult. Give us a call if you need that bit of extra time dedicated to your dog.

Group walks for 1 dog £10
Group walks for 2 dogs from same household £15

Solo or paired walks
1 dog
30 minutes £9
45 minutes £11
60 minutes £13

2 dogs from same household
30 minutes £13
45 minutes £15
60 minutes £17

Any bookings specifically after 3pm or at weekends will be £4 extra on top of your normal rate.

All bank holidays, Christmas Eve and New Years eve will be charged at time and a half your normal rate with the exception of Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years day that will be double your normal rate.

Pet Visits

Most dogs are fine left home alone for a few hours, but some just are not, especially puppies! Need someone to just pop in a few times a day to feed, water, cuddles and let your dog out to do his business? Or maybe your going out for the evening and just want your dog checked on, let out etc.... Whatever yours and your dogs needs are, please contact to discuss.

£9.00 (£1.00 extra for each additional animal)

Cat, Chicken, Small animal, Bird, Reptile Sitting

Going away and need your pet fed, watered, litter tray, hutch, cage cleaned and lots of TLC and cuddles. Each pet has its individual needs so please call to discuss yours.

I also offer an all-day sitting and staggered visits e.g. 3 half hour visits.

Horse, barn animals, aquatic and pond services also available.

Please call to discuss your needs.


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Dog Walking

Pet Visits




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